Family violence is one of the biggest challenges plaguing our country and we should all be uncomfortable about it. The statistics are not okay. The devastating effect it is having across our community is not okay. We cannot afford to be comfortable.

On 1st November 2018, more than 170 representatives from business, community and service organisations, government, regulators, ombudsmen and others attended the TCP Family Violence Roundtable Event, bringing a spirit of collaboration and willingness to learn. 

Using WIRE's research 'When's The Right Time To Talk About Money?', authored by Dr Nilmini Fernando, and the wisdom and experience from Speaking Out advocates with lived experienced, attendees deepened their understanding of this complex problem and worked together on finding some concrete ideas.

The energy and drive to do more and do better was infectious. We must strive for a better future for our community and we need to do it together. But the conversations and ideas were just the first step. It now up to us all to commit to taking these ideas and inspiration and turn them into action to change policies and processes within our own organisations. We must collectively champion the change we want to see in the world and stand with the strong, inspiring women who have advocated for this change for so long.