Building Staff Capability

A changing landscape

The landscape of vulnerability and hardship is changing. Social issues are becoming more complex and this growing demand is generating greater pressure on vulnerability support services. How do we grow the capabilities of those at the coalface, who are exposed to increasingly complex and confronting situations? If we don’t equip our people to deal with these problems, we risk their health and wellbeing along with those we serve.

Growing staff capacity

We expect a range of positive outcomes to result from this project. We aim to:

  • build staff resilience and ability to deal with vulnerable people from all walks of life, experiencing a range of complex and interrelated issues
  • enhance consumer perceptions of trust through fair treatment and responding to needs in a way that sets them up for success
  • reduce risk by protecting the health and wellbeing of our people while strengthening our employee value proposition
  • increase staff understanding of the causes and impacts of vulnerability so they can empathise with and support individuals facing financial difficulties – this applies to all employees, from the frontline to the CEO.

Our approach

TCP members are encouraged to:

  • share information to converge, synergise and develop our collective intelligence
  • collaborate in the design and development of new programs that respond to existing and emerging problems.
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