Developing Accessible Materials

Making it accessible for diverse customers

Businesses today face many challenges in connecting with and responding to the diverse needs of vulnerable customers. A core need of some vulnerable groups is for personalised communications that respect their unique barriers to access. It is important to ensure they can access the services they need to thrive in a contemporary Australia.

Here are some of the ways in which our communications channels need to take into account diverse and vulnerable customers:

  • customers will language and cultural differences face two-way barriers when dealing with organisations whose staff do not understand them
  • people with intellectual disabilities may experience impaired decision making which necessitates a new way of communication and support
  • people with vision impairments often experience challenges in reading materials that are designed for people with 20/20 vision.

Organisations that do not cater to the unique communication needs of customers are creating barriers to access and contributing to inequality among our communities.

How can we make sure we remove barriers and reach our customers?

Member organisations need to provide materials in formats that everyone can access and understand.

We need to empower customers to participate freely in a contemporary Australia and to remove imposed barriers to access.

Our approach

TCP members are encouraged to:

  • share information to converge, synergise and develop our collective intelligence
  • collaborate in the design and development of new programs that respond to existing and emerging problems.
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