Family Violence Roundtable Event

Family violence is one of the biggest challenges plaguing our country and we should all be uncomfortable about it. The statistics are not okay. The devastating effect it is having across our community is not okay. We cannot afford to be comfortable.

On 1st November 2018, more than 170 representatives from business, community and service organisations, government, regulators, ombudsmen and others attended the TCP Family Violence Roundtable Event, bringing a spirit of collaboration and willingness to learn. 

Using WIRE's research 'When's The Right Time To Talk About Money?', authored by Dr Nilmini Fernando, and the wisdom and experience from Speaking Out advocates with lived experienced, attendees deepened their understanding of this complex problem and worked together on finding some concrete ideas.


The energy and drive to do more and do better was infectious. We must strive for a better future for our community and we need to do it together. But the conversations and ideas were just the first step. It now up to us all to commit to taking these ideas and inspiration and turn them into action to change policies and processes within our own organisations. We must collectively champion the change we want to see in the world and stand with the strong, inspiring women who have advocated for this change for so long. 

Below you'll find reports, tools and tips that can help organisations and the individuals within them, to move from ideation to action. 

If you have anything your organisation would like to add, please email us at


Family Violence Roundtable Report, TCP, 2019

The report contains an overview and outputs from the roundtable event held November 2018 where 170 participants came together from across sectors to better understand how business can better support people impacted by family violence.

The report is filled with tools and tips for all businesses and people looking for how to make positive changes and action to ensure we move to a society where all people are free from family violence, where everyone feels safe, respected and heard. All people are valued equally, systems are just, and everyone is able to thrive. 

Download the web version of the report here

Download the print version of the report here

Research Report - When's the right time to talk about money, WIRE, 2018

The 'When's the right time to talk about money' research report formed the basis of the Family Violence Roundtable Event's activities and discussions.  

This research from WIRE builds on the Australian and international body of knowledge around women, family violence and financial well-being. The recovery journeys for victim-survivors progress through multiple phases highlighted in this report as being from pre-crisis to enduring recovery. This study seeks to increase our understanding of how women victim-survivors can be best supported to gain or regain financial well-being, and examine how, when and where they want to receive financial information and support across each of these phases.

Download the report here

Speaking Out Program Brochure

Run by Women’s Health East, the Speaking Out Program trains, enables and supports women who have experienced either family violence, and or sexual assault to share their stories with the public through a range of advocacy opportunities such as consulting, media interviews, community advocacy engagements and involvement in committees and co-design processes. 

Find out more here about how you can organise for a Speaking Out Program advocate to support your business today!

Family Violence Workplace Training - Better Practice Guidelines

Frontline staff, hardship teams and managers are among those who most frequently connect with victim-survivors. There is a great need for them to be both informed and supported to ensure they provide the best outcomes possible for victim survivors. Training is seen as a key element to this and one that many participants are keen to roll out in their workplace.

Below are a few documents that will help guide you to what to consider when rolling out family violence training across your organisation, and questions to ask training organisations to ensure they are the right fit for your organisation.

  • Good Practice Guidelines for Family Violence Training, Economic Abuse Reference Group (EARG) Download here
  • Choosing Family Violence and Gender Equity Training and Consultancy that Delivers Results, WIRE and Women's Health in the South East on behalf of 14 community sector organisations Download here
Better Practice Communication

Many participants realised that while they were already doing some great work to support victim-survivors, they could be doing more to make this information easy to find, either on websites, through brochures, social media and other channels.

Below are some tools and examples that may help you have better conversations about gender equity and better communicate the work your organisation is doing to support people impacted by family violence

If you have some examples that have worked well for your organisation, please email those to!

Employment Opportunities and Long Term Support

Family violence has long-term economic impacts on victim-survivors. Various organisations support victim-survivors in finding suitable employment opportunities and long-term support. 

If your organisation is working to provide long term support and employment opportunities and would like to share your work with TCP, please let us know at

  • McAuley Works Program, McAuley House - visit their website here 
  • Fitted For Work - visit their website here
Working with perpetrators

Family violence is committed by perpetrators. To address the issue, it is important not just to work to better support victim-survivors, but also to work with perpetrators to decrease the systemic nature of family violence  and ensure the cycle does not repeat itself through generations. 

Below are some examples of organisations work with perpetrators and are developing resources to support organisations working with perpetrators.If your organisation is working in this space, please let us know at

  • No to Violence - visit their website here
  • Workplace Equality and Respect Project, Our Watch - visit their website here
The TCP Knowledge Hub

The TCP Knowledge Hub is an online library where you can search for everything from policies and communications to research, products and training across multiple issues, so we can share learning and emerging good practice that will enable us to grow and improve together. 

This is a new function of the TCP website and we are currently building its content. If you have items you would like added to the TCP Knowledge Hub, please email them to today!

Access the full TCP Knowledge Hub here and start browing today!

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