TCP Statement: The Voice to Parliament

Thriving Communities Partnership proudly supports the Voice to Parliament

Thriving Communities Partnership (TCP), as an organisation, has always sought to facilitate the creation of a fair and connected system, so that everyone in Australia can achieve an adequate standard of living, and live free from discrimination.

We aim to champion the voices of lived experience in any decisions that influence them. We believe that people are the experts of their own lives and that systems should be designed with people, not for people. This is especially important where those affected by the decisions, policies and practices may experience increased vulnerability and barriers.

In fitting with these beliefs, values and our mission, TCP offers its support for the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to Parliament and a “yes” vote in the Referendum.

The Voice to Parliament is defined as being “community-led”, “inclusive”, “accountable” and “work[ing] alongside existing organisations” – all values and actions that exist in complete alignment with our endeavours at TCP.

We recognise the importance of the Voice to Parliament and the potential for change it holds and we accept the generous invitation from the Uluru Statement from the Heart to “walk with” Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples “in a movement of the Australian people for a better future.”

In doing so, we recognise and pay our enduring respect to the rich values held by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities. The values of knowledge sharing, storytelling, and community-centred thinking that have existed in Indigenous culture for time immemorial.

TCP’s support for the Voice to Parliament does not speak on behalf of our members or staff and we acknowledge that everyone has their own views. TCP encourages a kind, safe and inclusive environment with respectful and open dialogue. 

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